Farewells and new beginnings

It’s my last night in our house. It feels empty and a little sad without GW and Zeus. I knew I’d have mixed emotions when the time came to pack everything up, downsize and move onto a boat. Good to see I haven’t disappointed myself….

It’s not that I don’t want to turn into a seafaring family it’s more to do with saying goodbye to a house and garden, with its cheerful sunbirds, that I’ve loved for fifteen years. It’s been a happy home and I hope those joyful memories have imprinted into the walls and floors and ceilings for its next occupants.

I’ve always been a homebody and I love having beautiful things around me that remind me of my friends and family. But there’s no room on a boat for ceramic tiles or hand painted platters or framed prints. The scented candles are heading for the op shop and my books – a lifetime of reading memories – are yet to know their fate.

In our twenty-eight years together GW and I have owned two homes. I cried like a baby all the way from Brisbane to well north of Gympie on my drive to Cairns when I left the last one. I was sure I’d never find anywhere as special again. Of course I did and now I’m leaving this one with much the same feeling, although history now tells me I’ll get over it.

So tonight I’m content to be a little melancholy, to wallow in the goodbyes because tomorrow brings a new beginning, adventures I can only guess at. Tomorrow morning I’ll be awake long before the tiny sunbirds and by the time I land in Brisbane I’ll be ecstatic to see my boys again. Tomorrow we start to create new memories aboard Roo Bin Esque. I hope they’re as happy as all that have gone before.

Happy Easter  🙂


23 thoughts on “Farewells and new beginnings

  1. Sandy, I love the idea of heading ‘second star to the right’. It’s been lovely seeing GW and Zeus today and the whole adventure is starting to feel more real and less daunting. Onwards and upwards 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kathryn, today is a different day and I’m here now and the tears are almost (almost…) gone. It’s starting to be exciting again now and by Monday I’ll be smiling again!

  3. Pulling up roots can certainly be very painful. Leaving behind friends you see almost every day, plants you’ve nurtured into beauty, the house that kept you safe when the world without didn’t care.

    You did the house good by filling it with love, that will carry on to the next family. Now your course is ‘second star to the right – and straight on ’til morning’. Exciting adventures dead ahead!

  4. Thanks, Brenda. It may have been a little easier tonight if GW was here too but then, like most blokes, he’s never quite sure what to do with sentimentality…

    The love and hugs are appreciated.

  5. Kandy, it’s been a dream for so long it is kind of hard to believe it’s literally a day away now. 28 years in the dreaming and 15 years in the planning. On with the next phase of our lives.

  6. Love and hugs to you Helene 🙂 When you think back to tonight, you’ll realize there is no sadness, only happy memories, with new memories already being made. Good luck and happy sailing. Enjoy your new life, remember your old life with fondness, and most of all, be happy:) xx

  7. What an adventure! Just think of all the people who say they are going to make such a step and don’t ever get around to doing it. You will soon be making wonderful new memories! Have fun…

  8. Thanks, Susanne, I’m looking forward to the adventures ahead and everything the universe has in store. Still may need another wine tonight…

  9. Thanks, Bron. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that one of the themes of Half Moon Bay is exactly that – home is where the heart is.

    I hope your dead line is in good shape and you’re still smiling from your RITA shortlisting!

  10. Wishing you, GW and Zeus wonderful times in your new life. It’s true that home is where your heart is, and where you make it. I’m sure the three of you will be creating a very happy place and more beautiful memories in your new, seafaring life.

  11. Thanks for the hugs, Anne-Marie. At least the digital age means my photographs can travel everywhere with me and we’ll be back in Cairns in a month, albeit with different neighbours in a marina.

  12. Good luck on your new adventure. I know how you feel, as it was the same for me when I left Melbourne, however you slowly flow into the new life and very easily the old one is left behind. Enjoy and I’ll think of names for my worms 🙂 xx

  13. Lovely words and I feel your sadness. (((hugs))) Take with you the good times and wonderful memories, Helene and may your next chapter in life be filled with much joy, happiness and above all, love. Have fun! xx

  14. This is beautiful Helene. I hope you enjoy the last night in your house, but more imporatantly I hope you enjoy your adventures on the boat and all that is to come.

    Goodbye and new beginings are always hard, but they wouldn’t be worth them if they weren’t that way 🙂

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