Anyone for Bundy?

Zeus sends his thanks to everyone who asked after him. He’s almost back to his sparky best.

Meanwhile GW and I caught up on sleep, some chores and I battled the internet. My wonderful Telstra connection failed me at the worst possible time as I had an online meeting today. Thankfully there are places in Bundaberg with free wi-fi so I was late to the meeting, but I did get there! After a couple of reboots and some stern words from GW the connection came good late this afternoon. My iPhone has been handy for many things but I draw the line at posting blogs or even doing much in the way of emails on it. That dratted predictive texting leads to me offering all sort of things I’d rather not be caught doing…

So here we are in Bundaberg where the devastation of their recent floods is obvious in the battered jetties, tarpaulin covered roofs and the still empty shops. Stoic is the word which always springs to mind when I talk to people from places like this.

We have big plans to get to 1770 tomorrow (and no that doesn’t involve time travel!) My next book is set in a coastal town which I’ve invented quite close to the Agnes Water, Town of 1770 area so it will be wonderful to sail in and see if my memories of it come close. For tonight, though, we’re moored in the Burnett River watching a working waterway in action. Trawlers, fishermen and tugs all via for room alongside the Sugar Loading Terminal. It’s a reminder of the wonderful diversity and strength in rural Australia.


5 thoughts on “Anyone for Bundy?

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, Zeus.

    Helene, did you get that delicious smell from the sugar terminal? Barter any fresh seafood from the trawlers?

  2. Bundaberg is still hurting, Susanne. One of the Woolworths stores is still closed along with Coles and many small businesses that were inundated will struggle to reopen. And yet the people were wonderfully optimistic. Very uplifting.

  3. Anna, that would have been horrendous! I’d been marvelling at how good it was and it’s back to normal now so perhaps it was my computer causing the issue not Telstra 🙂

  4. Great photos, Helene! Oh, isn’t it awful when good technology goes bad? I’m sure I told you I was without any form of telecommunications for most of March and it was AWFUL!

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