I think it was something I ate…

Hi it’s Zeus here again. It’s been a while since I took over the blog and I had planned on regaling you with stories of my adventures, but it was a rough night last night, for me anyway, and I’m all wrung out… But I promised Helene I’d do the blog last night so the least I can do is put one up this morning for her.

I swear I didn’t eat anything I shouldn’t have on my recent sorties ashore sand islands, but last night I had stomach cramps and the whole box and dice. I won’t elaborate, I’m sure you get the drift… But it wasn’t pretty and I have no idea where the carrots came from. That’s not a good combination on a boat… There are only so many times you can be loaded into a dinghy and driven ashore…

GW slept on the floor with me, but it didn’t really help, although I know it made him feel better. This morning I’m only eating chicken soaked in water and under threat of a visit to the vet. I figure if I get some sleep before now and when they moor at Pialba I should be able to convince them I’m okay.

Sorry I’m being a bit of a wet blanket. I promise to bounce back soon. But, of course, this blog is about real life, warts and all.


12 thoughts on “I think it was something I ate…

  1. Hettie, will let you know when we’re approaching Airlie. It’s on the list for food and fuel shopping plus possibly some bits of the desalinator so it would be lovely to catch up in person!

  2. He’s on the improve, Cath, but still not quite himself yet although he’s been handing out ‘thank you’ licks all day 🙂

    He sends his love to everyone who asked after him too.

  3. Oh Zeus, you poor thing. Dog sickness is awful – even worse when riding the sea. Glad to hear you’re a bit better. Keep up the improvements.

    Gosh, sounds like you had a rough day with all that wind and bumpy seas. No good for wobbly tummies at all.

    Hope you have good weather and seas tomorrow.

    Give a good lick to GW and H. I especially love the way GW kept you company – what a hero! No wonder Helene keeps him.

    Cath xox

  4. Thank you all for your well wishes. Zeus is much better but all three of us are off for an early night after battling 25 to 30 kts all day and some lumpy seas this afternoon. We’re moored safely in Bundaberg and hope the weather is kinder tomorrow!

    H, G, Z

  5. Oh baby, baby, baby, that’s terrible.
    Dogs do get so distressed when they are clean things becasue they usually know what to do and where and when they can’t…. Oh the angst on their little faeces…oh I mean faces…. 😉

  6. Oh, my poor darling friend! I’m a bit under the weather too. Mum and Dad took me to the vets day before yesterday and I got some tablets. Feeling a bit better now. Hope you feel better soon. The boiled chicken will be good for your tummy.

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