Today’s score card

Zeus the salty old sea dog was awarded a perfect 10 for his entry into the dingy. His dismount is a little more problematic.

Capt G received an ‘A’ for effort with his casting ability. Sadly not even hitting the fish on the head with the lure resulted in a fish dinner…

I received a DNF for pull starting the 40 hp Honda engine which belongs on a high speed ski boat, not a catamaran’s dinghy! (Anyone want to buy it? Going very cheap to a good home.)

Roo Bin Esque was given an A+ for style as she shimmied up the coast in no wind.

The water maker took the top prize for filling the tanks to overflowing with crystal clear water and nary a squeak from it!

Sadly my iphone had a difficult day.  Dinghy anchor 1, iPhone nil. Game set and match to the anchor.


6 thoughts on “Today’s score card

  1. Cathryn, Capt G’s been trying to convince me to buy a new one as mine was an original iPhone 3 and a little archaic … Perhaps it was a deliberate manoeuvre with the anchor?

  2. It may be required, Brett. It did have two covers but nothing on the face so carting it around in a dry bag wasn’t enough…

    We had a lovely night anchored of Havannah Island. Just us and the fish and five kt easterly. Magic!

  3. Yep, Cathy, and I’ve nursed that phone along for a while now so it’s overdue…. Just didn’t want the expense right now, there’s a boat that’s much more demanding 🙂

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