Birds of a feather

Age is no barrier to being obsessed with the joy of flying and at this week’s Australia Women Pilot’s Association conference I’ve met some remarkable women both old and young who love being airborne. (And what a bonus, being able to talk aviation for days with a bunch of women! Gold!)

Some of the most memorable conversations were with women who’d learnt to fly before I was born. It was very humbling to hear them talk of their difficulties and their achievements.

On the flip side of that were young women like Samantha, a C17 pilot whose been in the RAAF for fifteen years, who gave an inspirational talk about the initiatives being put in place to encourage other young women to take up the opportunities that are now available.

The young brigade rampaging through the industry bring a breath of fresh air. For these women, with the right attitude and big dreams, the cliché is no longer true – the sky is definitely not the limit. Anything’s possible and I know they’ll achieve it.

Thanks, AWPA, for welcoming me so warmly and sharing your stories. It’s been an uplifting and wonderful weekend.

Oh, and did I mention I had a fan girl moment when I met Matt Hall?



7 thoughts on “Birds of a feather

  1. Oh, much in awe of you meeting him, Helene! Did you get a flight in exchange for writing him into a character in your next book? I’d think that would be a fair swap 🙂

    Hope your Mum’s doing okay today – I haven’t checked facebook but will.

    Cath xox

  2. That’s the one, Cath! Pylon racing but only after he’d flown F18s and a bunch of other toys with the RAAF and the USAF 🙂

    It was very interesting seeing the change in attitudes and expectations. Kind of empowering really!

  3. Oh, Matt Hall, from the Red Bull speed flying under, through, around things really fast!?!?! (I have no idea what it was called though, just watched it with a sick stomach!) Is that the right guy? The only Aussie to get to that team? If so, no wonder you had a fan girl moment. OMG! That would have been awesome.

    Sounds like a great weekend. How brilliant that young and old get to mix together so you can appreciate the change in the industry over years.

    Cath xox

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