8 thoughts on “A three dimensional jigsaw puzzle

  1. Brenda, it’s progressing! Almost filled to the brim and the local op shop has had a few wins as well. Capt G and Zeus are currently attempting to paint the interior of the house while I’m talking aviation in Hervey Bay. Sadly I took the sunshine south with me and the boys are struggling to convince the paint to dry…

  2. How has it all ended Helene? I hope you managed it ok, without too much drama! I don’t know that I could put all my books into storage!! You need a second boat to tow behind you, with all your books and special memories 😉

  3. Thank you all for your thoughts, ladies. We’re over half way and it’s been a huge day. If the phone doesn’t ring tomorrow and I don’t have to go and fly and aircraft we should have it sorted by the evening. Lots of mixed emotions but then I always knew that would be the case…

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