Glittering Literati

What a fabulous two days! I had the honour of chauffeuring Anna Campbell to the Gold Coast Literati Festival, which made for a very entertaining drive. (I perfected my u-turns in the Surfers Paradise streets as google maps led me up ‘no through road’ after ‘no through road.’)

I wore my favourite coat – which never gets an outing in Cairns. I chatted to Lisa Walker, Keri Arthur, Jen St George and a host of other authors about their writing. I sat next to Alex Adsett at dinner and across from John Hughes. I sighed as Kari Gislason talked about his memoir – what a beautiful voice! LA Larkin, my fellow sister in crime was there along with Katherine Howell – always fabulous to catch up with them!

I met the lovely booksellers from Love That Book, who’d very kindly obtained advance stock of Half Moon Bay! And to top the day met the great folk from 91.7 ABC  Gold Coast radio – talk about multi-tasking!! Thanks to everyone in the audience who came along to listen and ask questions. A festival is only as good as its audience and you were great.

A huge thank you to Louise Pieper and her wonderful team from the Gold Coast Library. You were fabulous!

Put it in your diary for next year, it’s worth the drive 🙂

Here’s what you missed out on!

Keri Arthur, Anna Campbell, me and Lisa Walker

Louise, Pieper, Anna Campbell and me (again...)

Anna, me and Jen St George


3 thoughts on “Glittering Literati

  1. Especially as I can’t make the August conference, was a wonderful way to catch up with you all. The coats were required in the early part of the day is true. You make me glad I decided to go ‘old school’ by not trying to use GPS lol.

  2. It was fab, Sandy, and the coat was taking a stroll prior to a severe work out in the next couple of weeks as it’s coming on tour with me!!

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