8 thoughts on “Please can we take the dinghy for a spin?

  1. Zipping around in boats is definitely fun, Brett, and I hope you guys get to do some of that yourselves in the near future. Zeus would definitely agree that a dinghy is only as good as the beach it lands on!!

  2. No kids here, but I’ll borrow Zeus anyway!!!

    Have a good one


    (with regards from Nero and Bunson)

  3. Take the dinghy for a spin what a great idea. I wonder what it is about taking boats for a spin. I don’t care if its a dinghy or something larger, it’s not even the speed it’s just good fun. Maybe it’s a boy thing? I can’t say many of our dogs over the years have actually enjoyed the boats as such, but they take you to the best dog place there is, the beach.

  4. My fluffy friends, you’d be very welcome to have Zeus for a sleep over. The way he’s feeling now I don’t think he could fight of a kitten so you’d be able to leap all over him and his beanbag…

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