Chugging south

Last night the winds refused to die down and the waves maintained their lumpiness so we eventually settled for another night at anchor. With Zeus raring to do at 5 am Β this morning we had another early start and headed south in gorgeous conditions. With the wind in our sails we skimmed along at a steady 5 kts and then the katabatic winds from Mt Bartle Frere fell away… Back to the motors and on we trundled with the wind stubbornly refusing to turn from a southerly.

The upside was lots of writing time. We also baked another loaf of bread, did some more washing and managed to make it to Stephen’s Island for dinner. The downside is we’re burning fuel at an alarming rate which means a pit stop somewhere further south to top up.

I’m typing this snug and dry in the steering pod as we head into our first night transit aboard Roo Bin Esque. It’s remarkably like night flying with dimmed instruments and a sense of cocooned isolation. Capt G will be on deck from 10.30 then it will be my turn again from 2 am to 4 am. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it all goes!

And meanwhile here are today’s special moments.

A glass fisherman's float

Moored at Stephen's Island

Sunset over Innisfail


12 thoughts on “Chugging south

  1. Jeff and Kerri, I’m sure Elijah would make the extra effort for Zeus πŸ™‚

    We’ve just refuelled at Rosslyn Bay and are heading for Cape Capricorn. So far so good and what a magic trip!!

  2. I am sure Elijah would love to care for Zeus, but “0500” and “Elijah” in the same sentence.
    The ZYGRIB weather indicates kinder weather south of TSV for the next few days.

  3. Oh, a crystal ball would be fabulous, Jenn! But my dad had that particular float, and the rest of the string, from before I was born so it’s my one lucky charm!

  4. Brett you’re right about it being a gorgeous anchorage. Sadly we were only there for a couple of hours and are currently pushing on to Cape Bowling Green for Zeus’s morning walk. Horseshoe Bay is definitely on the ‘must return to’ list!!

  5. A night in Horseshoe Bay. I’m very envious as we enjoyed a lot of time there. It looks like another couple of Cats in there as well. Did you have a look at North East Bay on the way past and any fish?

  6. Seeko, welcome to the blog! Wonderful news that you can now track us on your journey south. Consider yourself as the nominated Sarwatch πŸ™‚ (Lucky Garth get the phone call if our epirb goes off!)

    Zeus send his regards to Muppet and wants to know when he’s coming to visit again – he wants to see the dismount of the stairs again πŸ˜€

  7. It was a surprising lovely spot to anchor, Noreen:) We’re hoping for 10- 15 kts for a few days so we can get some miles under our keel before the next band of strong winds head in. Enjoy Dunk Island I was a little sad to wave it farewell in the dark…

  8. Hi Gang,
    Sorry to hear about the fossil fuel consumption as a fossil myself I feel the pain too! Hey I have just spotted you on the marine tracking for the first time, great fun. At 012311Z it reported you as 5kt tracking 129 deg. off Orpheus isl at 18 deg 36minS 146 36E. There is no hiding now!!
    Happy sailing/motoring, pls give Zeus a big hello from Muppet who is following the adventure with great interest. (asleep on the couch, oh well)
    cheers and beers.

  9. That sunset is just gorgeous. The winds should be kind to you for the next few days. We could have waved to you as you went past as we often see sail boats between Cardwell and Mission Beach. Never mind. I hope you have safe passage down the coast even if you have to burn extra fuel as you sail into the winds.

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