Banksia Cove

Were you a devoted but trembling reader of Snuggle Pot and Cuddlepie’s stories?

I’m not too proud to admit I used to hide my eyes when the Banskia Men appeared… I loved the ripple of alarm down my spine at the mere mention of their spikey black faces. At our family beach shack at Currumbin Beach banksia trees grew thick and stunted, covered with wizened cones – perfect for a child with an overactive imagination.

When I was searching for a name for my coastal village in SAFE HARBOUR I settled on Banksia Cove, a blend of wonderful childhood memories, but with the darker undercurrents of May Gibbs’ enduring bad guys.

This weekend at Moreton Island the first tree we found on the shore after we’d navigated over sand banks and sea grass beds was a huge banksia tree.

I’m glad to say those cones still made me shiver with alarm (and delight!)  🙂


9 thoughts on “Banksia Cove

  1. I had no idea, Phillipa, I’ll make sure to drop by. I loved visiting Beatrix Potter’s house in the Lake District and May Gibb’s would be even more fascinating for me.

    I missed banksias when we lived in Cairns so it was lovely to see so many of them on Moreton Island.

  2. Yup, I was a May Gibbs junkie. There were banksias growing in our garden when I was a kid, and yes they freaked me out! I still see the Banksia Men whenever I pass these trees in the bush.

    Have you been to May Gibb’s house in Sydney? It’s a National Trust house in Neutral Bay. Well worth a visit next time you are in Sydney with leisure time.

  3. The banksia men absolutely terrified me, too. But I kept reading. The lizards on the magpie’s wings, John Dory and Ann Chovy, gum leaves as sleds…. the story, its characters and illustrations were mesmerising.

  4. It looks just like those scary Banksia Men, Jenn!

    It was that delicious fear that makes you read on even while you squirm in your seat and snuggle a little closer to your parent 🙂

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