Nothing But Blue Skies Do I See!

Progress at last! The sun came out to play and we managed to finish polishing the underside of Roobi’s main deck and paint the first coat of anti-foul. Our props have been turned to gold and we’ve turned into a couple of groaning geriatrics!

My Fitbit has awarded me a Penguin March Badge and The Urban Boot Badge for the day’s effort. Not sure why it’s only credited me with 12 stairs when I’ve been up and down ladders all day but hey, what would I know! I’ve sternly reprimanded my knees and told them to harden up!

Tonight we’d heading out for dinner at The Galley as neither one us is capable of cooking… Tomorrow we’ll hopefully finish the anti-foul and start polishing the outside of the hulls.

No writing today but I’m sure there will be some more this weekend!

Roobi's Prop coated in Prop Speed

A very proud Capt G with Roobi in her blue underskirt

A peaceful sunset over the boat works


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