Ich Bin Wilhelm

Wilbur the Wind Generator

Guten Abend, meine Freunde,

My name is Wilhelm and I am the Silent Wind generator aboard Roobinesque. (I have no idea why but the lady of the vessel insists on calling me Wilbur, as though I’m a slow moving cart-horse. Clearly I am a hardworking powerhouse, made with German precision, so I thought I should introduce myself properly to you all.)

It’s my job to supply power to the batteries so that Capt G and Navigator H can continue to use their iPads, computers, washing machine, water maker, coffee machine, bread maker and phones. (One would think that this sailing life could be a little less complicated than that…) I work incredibly hard in very difficult conditions to do this and, I must add, I do it silently. I even work at night whilst they sleep so that they can enjoy their coffee in the morning.

There is some dissent aboard Roobinesque at the moment because I, quite rightly, refuse to work in anything more than 25 knots of wind. We have to consider Health and Safety at all times and cannot afford to stress my propellor blades. A pilot should understand this better than most, but all I’ve heard this morning is moaning that I’m not pulling my weight as the batteries are now draining. They should be looking to Solange, (the lazy French solar panel) who has refused to work for the last two days, for her explanation and not berating me for putting safety first!

But I bear this responsibility gladly knowing that the highlight of my day is seeing sunrise and sunset from my lofty perch on the top deck. It’s my favourite time of day and soothes my weary arms after beating the air into submission.

I hope to speak to you again.

Gut nacht und schlaf gut.


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