Now about that coffee table book of sunrises and sunsets?

Graham holding the prize!

Capt G modelling my new book 🙂

It’s time to celebrate my new look web-page with a give away or four!! All the bugs and kinks have been worked through by Kerry, my lovely designer from Internet Thinking. (Huge round of applause for him and his hard work – I particularly love that I have a gallery of my photos so you can browse them at your leisure.) There’s also a link so you can subscribe to my blog and never miss another sailing, writing, flying, or adventuring post again.

And I’ve decided it’s time to launch a newsletter. It won’t be a monthly newsletter, but I’ll update you when I have good news, or other writer’s great books to share, or something funny to make you smile. Of course, your details will also be kept private so I promise no spam!!

To help celebrate the updated look I’ve made a slight detour into self-publishing 🙂 Many of you have been kind enough to say you’d love to see some of my sunrise and sunset photos in a book so I’ve pulled a few of my favourites together. I’ve had four copies only made of this one so they are a little unique. I convinced Graham to model them so you can see their slim size – no Encyclopaedia Britannica here!

To go into the draw to win one of them you have options! You can subscribe to my blog, sign up to my newsletter, be kind enough to leave a Goodread’s review for any of my books (the links are on all the book pages), or share this blog on social media. The more times you help out, the more times your name goes into Capt G’s hat so make sure you let me know you’ve entered! You can leave a comment here or email me via the contact form.

We’ll draw the winners next Tuesday 6th September so I can post the prizes before we disappear up to Lizard Island and out of the reach of civilisation 🙂

Good luck!!






36 thoughts on “Now about that coffee table book of sunrises and sunsets?

  1. How wonderful Helene all those beautiful photos you post on facebook together in one book.
    I feel like I’m traveling with you when looking at your photos.
    Follow you by blog, newsletter and on fb. 😀

    • Thanks, Ann-Marie! It’s only a small selection – I didn’t realise just how many I had until I started sorting through them! I need a better index system… But I had fun 🙂

  2. Hi Helene, I absolutely love seeing your pics of sunrises and sunsets on Facebook. They truly are spectacular and putting them into a book is a brilliant idea.

  3. I’m glad you put your photos in a book. They are truly beautiful. Captn G looks pretty chuffed too. Enjoy Lizard Island, do some snorkelling up there and take some photos of the big gropers.

  4. Great Website. Followed, subscribed and recommended. Eagerly looking forward to your next book – have they indicated how long until the release date?

  5. As per always Helene , you surprise us once again. What a fantastic idea. Men can have there coffee table books of football. We can have Helene Young of sunsets. Absolutely Brilliant. Love it.

  6. Such a busy lady Helene. I am already subscribed to your newsletter and facebook and love the coffee table book. either way all the best with your new venture. I am hanging out for your next Suspense story.

    • Thanks, Delores, I’ll enter you in the drawer with a bonus one as you were an early subscriber and follower before the launch! Next story is almost there!

    • Lol, they are horrendously expensive for something so relatively small, Kathy… But I will keep exploring other printing options than Snapfish! Kind of jealous of your friend sailing around Gibraltar!!

  7. Hi Helene, love the idea and would absolutely love a copy on my coffee table! I have subscribed to your newsletter, and your blog, shared it on FB and reviewed all your books 😉 Is that enough to get me a chance to win? Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! xx

    • Brenda, you are wonderful! You’re in the running and my fingers are crossed for you 🙂 I think you deserve an Order of Australia for services to writers and readers with all the reviews you do <3

    • Thanks, Bec, it was fun putting it together and perhaps further down the line I’ll do a longer one with some more words. I’ll see what the feedback’s like for this one 🙂

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