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Back in 2014 I toured Half Moon Bay with the Get Reading team and I had the pleasure of speaking at a high tea in the Seppeltsfield Winery. I promised Graham I’d take him back one day as it is a beautiful winery with a rich history.

While we were in Adelaide for the RWA conference we snuck off to the Barossa to do the historic tour. It was worth it. If you haven’t visited Seppeltsfield  then put it on your list. Last time Bill took me for a short tour. This visit we had all the time in the world and Jan did the honours.

The Seppelt’s family have left an amazing legacy and the winery’s new owners are keen to bring back the village feel that existed with 100 live in staff at the height of its fortunes. Barry Gardener’s forging knives from recycled metal that are both beautiful and sharp. He very kindly allowed us into his workshop long before opening times.

The Jam Factory is home to artisans who work there as well as display their treasures. There’s plans to add even more to the estate.

And if you’re after something a little different there’s a Segway tour of the estate as well!




Seppeltsfield Road, planted with Date Palms by the family as they are hardy trees that require very little water.


Love the vine growing like an old man’s face over the side of the building


The knife maker’s forge glowing hot.


Barry Gardener – The knife maker 🙂


One of the original buildings now used for functions


The wedding photos would be stunning in amongst the sandstone.


The view from the family crypt where all members of the Seppelt family have been interred. I can see why they might enjoy gazing out of their estate still.


Part of the original winery and in summer the colours change dramatically.


They used to produce vinegar along with jams, cordial and wine.


They clearly had a love affair with palm trees.



12 thoughts on “Seppeltsfield Winery

  1. Hello Helene.
    This place is great for photographs, one at every turn. The sandstone buildings are so beautiful, Is there a book here among the vines, wines and history. I really enjoy the photos. Some memories and some to put on the to do list.

    • Sarah, I had such a difficult time choosing which photos to use. You’re absolutely right! I’d turn a corner and there would be another magical shot. And the knife man? Could have stayed taking photos of him and his offsider all day. They both had the sort of face that breathes character 🙂

  2. As local ‘Barossaites’ I can vouch for everything you’ve said about this iconic winery. They make the best port and Muskat out. We bought and gave to our daughters a bottle of port from their birth year for their 21st Birthday which Seppelsfield present so nicely for the occasion.
    I hope perhaps you were able to take time out to see a few other wonderful things that the Barossa has to offer. Menglers Hill is a must to view a vast part of the area.

  3. You mean to say you didn’t ask for a “freebee” knowing full well the super blog that was to be written. Lovely place. Went there moons ago when it was the “thing” to drive to every winery in the region. I can remember when some of them were just tin sheds but grew into fine producing wineries, Brown Brothers Estate being one to mind. I’m just back from a week on the island of Madeira & man do they produce a beautiful drop of wine. Never before have I stashed wine in my suitcase for fear of breakage but this time it was a must. Sweet, semi sweet Madeira wine & a bottle of under the counter Passionfruit liquor to die for!

    • Sue, I should have thought of asking for a freebee 🙂 Sadly, I don’t think my profile is good enough to warrant they handing over their precious port.

      Madeira would be an interesting place to visit. I seem to remember tasting madeira at a wake in the UK and thinking it was a fine drop. Hope all yours made it home safely!

  4. We were lucky enough to visit Seppeltsfield during a winery tour before our recent conference. Lovely surroundings. 😀

  5. Oh, I’m so glad you got to take Graham there. I remembered how beautiful the photos were from your tea! You jammed so much into that conference 🙂

    Thanks for the gorgeous photo tour.

    Cath xo

    • It was so lovely to be able to take Graham with me this time, Cath. I couldn’t convince him to buy the 100 year old port but we did snaffle a couple of lovely sparkling shiraz and the tour was excellent.

      Glad you enjoyed the photos!

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