Mackay Cay

Mackay Cay is everything we hoped it would be! A pristine coral atoll with nothing but birds for company, surrounded by azure water. And then there’s the snorkelling… So many different fish, gardens of vibrant coral, and even a couple of relaxed turtles who really didn’t care whether we swam along with them or not!  I have ‘go pro’ shoulder from filming all afternoon but it was worth it! Although I’m still working on keeping the camera steady enough so bear with me while I learn a new skill…

Last night we ate delicious coral trout fresh from the reef courtesy of Mark and Wendy aboard Temptress. We really need to sharpen out fishing skills as well! And the company was wonderful as well 🙂

The wind is up to 20 knots this morning so no point in more snorkelling or exploring here. Instead we’ll be underway shortly sailing to the Hope Island group. We’re planing to make a short detour and check out Endeavour Reef – the scene of Captain Cook’s close shave before he headed for Cooktown.

I’ll leave you with yesterday in pictures as well as a 30 second video of that oh so cool turtle.


The terns and boobies weren’t exactly happy about company…


Roobinesque and Temptress enjoying the anchorage.


This was a nervous little chap that kept hiding under ledges


A much more curious fish but very quick!


Parrot fish come in oranges as well as blues!


Love all the iridescent fish loitering in the coral head.


4 thoughts on “Mackay Cay

  1. Amazing that the turtle seem oblivious to your presence. Did u have the go pro on you or on a stick? Looking forward to seeing the top end.

    • It was magical, Carolyn, although I was hoping for glassy conditions! We’ll try and drop in again on our way south in November when the winds should be lighter 🙂

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