I remember when….

My husband’s in Manchester visiting his family and he sent me a photo for my blog (I knew he was a keeper!)

I’m most impressed – apparently the good folk from England can have much more than milk delivered to their doorsteps by the local diary 🙂 I think we need civilising in Australia…

Do you remember when milk looked like this?


6 thoughts on “I remember when….

  1. That was the time of the “Grapefruit Diet” you preceded each meal with a large glass of grapefruit juice. I think the theory was you were so bloody sick after drinking the juice you could not eat

  2. You’re right Sandy. That was a familiar sound as it tinkled up the road towards the house. We had a little hatch at the front of the house so the milkman could put the bottles inside. It was just outside my bedroom (the converted verandah of an old Queenslander) so it was my early morning wake up call. No wonder I’m still up with the sun 🙂

  3. Hey, Cath, not long now! 🙂

    Girls, I can still hear the clink of the milk bottles as our milko did his rounds and pulled up in front of our house. Motorised transport not horse. Can’t remember his name, but can remember his face. 🙂 There used to be an inch or so of cream at the top of the bottle.

    We used to have a green grocer as well. Ah well… that’s the times moving for you.

  4. We got milk delvivered in Picton Nz till the 70’s, also bloody awful grapefruit juice (which, for some reasion my mother loved) Our milkman was Mike Sullivan. I went to chool with his son, Mike Jr. Mike snr is long dead while Mike Jr. is now Senior Sergeant Sullivan, in charge of the Picton police Station!

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