Journey or destination?

Phew, what a trip! In ten days I’ve travelled to the other side of the planet and back, sat through eight flights totaling over forty-seven hours, spent ten hours driving a hire car between London and Manchester and back, and loitered in airports for over seventeen hours waiting to catch flights, one of which had Continue reading

Heading home for Christmas

The best feeling in the world is waiting at an airport knowing I’m heading home. True, I am an aviation tragic so being around aircraft makes me happy, but knowing the destination is hovering just out of reach is what lifts my heart. In three hours I’ll touch down in the velvety heat of North Continue reading

I remember when….

My husband’s in Manchester visiting his family and he sent me a photo for my blog (I knew he was a keeper!) I’m most impressed – apparently the good folk from England can have much more than milk delivered to their doorsteps by the local diary 🙂 I think we need civilising in Australia… Do Continue reading