Winter Christmas

The snow didn’t fall but everything else was exactly as I imagined for a winter Christmas.

For once the travel gods smiled on us and we had a seamless journey from Cairns to Manchester – the highlight being the wonderful Qantas crew between Bangkok and London and the skybeds 🙂

We arrived a day early on Christmas eve, with the temp hovering around 5 degrees, and we haven’t stopped since.

The thermal undies have had a workout along with scarves, hats and gloves. The trees are bare, the grass is a brilliant emerald green and the skies are grey, but I remember why I loved living in England so much. I love the humour of the Brits, I love their pubs, I love eating roast dinners when the rain is drizzling down outside. I love spending time with my husband’s family.

Thanks to Hannah I have a new perspective on what constitutes a metro-sexual guy. (Not sure any of my heroes are going to wax their chests anytime soon, but you never know!) Jack, at only sixteen, gives new meaning to the term droll. I think I might have to borrow some of his one-liners for my characters. Raffa, the cocker spaniel, rivals Zeus in the adorable stakes and is certain to star sometime soon.

Only three more days to go, but we won’t be slowing. We have to pack another five years of laughs into 72 hours (although hopefully we won’t be leaving it so long between visits!)

Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2012 brings you much laughter, success – however you measure it, and time with the ones you love.


20 thoughts on “Winter Christmas

  1. Bron, that sounds fabulous – may need to convince GW to venture into the cold ice again after Antarctica but I can try:-)

    Sandy, we’ll have a long boat convoy!

  2. Ok, how about discovering the arctic wilderness with our very own husky team right after the canal cruise! Although, maybe you want to do the canal cruise in summer ….

  3. Safely home now, Bron.

    It was wonderful catching up with the UK contingent and I have plans to go back and cruise the canals in a long boats 🙂 Are you game too??? (Haven’t quite convinced GW yet I suspect…)

    Hope your journey back to France goes smoothly and 2012 brings more joy to you all.

  4. So glad you guys had a smooth ride up to the UK and looks like you couldn’t be enjoying yourselves more! It’s always great to spend time with those who are dear to our hearts though the tyranny of distance keeps us apart… Enjoy your special time and trust your journey home is uneventful! See you in the New Year xx

  5. Sandy, the big G is indeed relaxed – currently snoring next to on the couch after a full day shopping, watching Mission Impossible and whipping up delicious pasta with smoked salmon!

    Raffa the cocker lives with GW’s sister (where we’re staying), but the springer is a visitor who lives with Graham’s brother. Dawson is another wonderful soul from a rescue home and his health is not great…

    It’s been a blustery 8 degrees today and I’m claiming a wind chill factor of another minus 5 so yes, three degrees is a long way from 32 in Cairns 🙂 But I’m loving it!!

  6. Bron, two lovely dogs are indeed a bonus although only Raffa (the black and white cocker) is a daily addition!! Skipped on the coats but I do have some new boots – for work purposes only 🙂

  7. The big G is looking happy and relaxed. You must be pleased. You’re not looking too tense either, my dear. 🙂

    So how come the Cocker got mentioned and the Springer didn’t?

    Love the sound of the weather, but you Northerners must be feeling it. 🙂

    Have loads of fun in your remaining time and a Very Happy New Year to you and all your family.

  8. Oh what a delightful post and fab photo…!!!! Enjoy – be safe and well – may the festivities continue to brighten your soul xxxx

  9. PS There are some great winter coats for sale in the UK at the moment if you’re looking for one. (including brands like Planet and Windsmoor…) Good boots too …

  10. Thanks, Rach. Hope you’re having a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and New Year with your family. Loved your blog comparing Christmas with a one-night stand:-)

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