Mothers and daughters

That intangible thread of connection between mothers and daughters and sisters is never more apparent, nor precious, than at Christmas time. I made a flying visit to Mum on my way home from Sydney (and yes that was a deliberate attempt at humour :-)) to deliver presents and to give her a hug. The flight Continue reading

Heading home for Christmas

The best feeling in the world is waiting at an airport knowing I’m heading home. True, I am an aviation tragic so being around aircraft makes me happy, but knowing the destination is hovering just out of reach is what lifts my heart. In three hours I’ll touch down in the velvety heat of North Continue reading

Familiar faces

It’s not always easy being a part of a family. There are demands on your time when someone becomes unexpectedly ill. Or the phone rings when you’re in the middle of cooking dinner or just about to rush out the door running late. Ageing parents become needy instead of nurturing as the roles inexorably reverse. Continue reading