Fiction or Faction

Did you ever going looking in the back of wardrobes to see if you could find a way into Narnia? I did. Frequently. I’ve stopped now…

Two unrelated posts on Face book and a friend’s blog made me pause this morning and contemplate how some stories become part of our ordinary world.

Kylie Griffin posted this you-tube video on her web page.

It seems the group responsible ‘Improve Everywhere‘ has been doing this sort of staged scene since 2001. Very funny seeing people around them more or less accept this as plausible. Of course Princess Leia and Storm Troopers may ride the NY subway on a daily basis for all I know 🙂

My niece posted a link to The Guardian in the UK (I’m a little behind as this story is over a year old..) Apparently Durham University announced in 2010 that it would be running a course as part of an Education Degree which examined the Harry Potter books and their reflection/impact on society. I had instant images of Quiddich competitions and Golden Snitches floating down the hallowed halls of Durham.

How wonderful that stories, told with so much imagination, have become accepted as plausible, believable and everyday comfortable. How many children today practice their spells, imagine their broomsticks will fly, and talk to paintings hoping to catch a glimpse of the Grey Lady? (None, I hope, go pushing trolleys into brick walls in UK train stations…)

Was there a story that captivated you? One that never quite left you alone and still, in quiet moments, you secretly believe is real?


14 thoughts on “Fiction or Faction

  1. Helene we will have fun in the Sim as always. Not really sure what where doing but will definitely save civilisation as we know it.

  2. How did I miss Cathy’s post as well as Brett’s…. sorry guys, it’s been a little busy up here!

    Brett, we may need the ‘saved civilisation as we know it’ this week in the sim!

  3. “Make It So”
    “In my opinion as Ship’s Counsellor He’s NUTS!”
    “Resitance is Futile, you will be assimilated”

    Yep love those to. And from the same one.
    “Assimilate This” Boom.

    Used to use this one after a lot of Coastwatch flights from an older movie.
    ” Once again we’ve saved civilization as we know it”

  4. My Favorites:

    “Make It So”
    “In my opinion as Ship’s Counsellor He’s NUTS!”
    “Resitance is Futile, you will be assimilated”
    “Use The Force, Luke”

  5. Ah, the Black Riders … scarier in the book than in the movie, and scarier still when they were snuflling under my window at home in the middle of the night …

  6. Illogical? Possibly but it’s word association for me… Mork and Mindy are intertwined with Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr Who 🙂 Does that mean I’m stuck in a time warp?

  7. Time travellers are wonderful, Bron. I think when I first went to the UK (and I was well past childhood) I rather wistfully checked out phone boxes as I walked past in case Dr Who was loitering in one…

  8. There were two British time-travel TV series on when I was a kid/early teenager that I loved. I can’t remember the names of them, but in one, a modern girl, recovering from an illness, is sent to stay with her aunt for a few weeks in an old farmhouse/manor. At various times she finds herself in Tudor? Elizabethan? times in the manor, where there is some political intrigue going on, and she meets a lad of around her own age.

    The other series I remember even less about, but modern kids living near an old abandoned airfield crawl under a gap in the fence and find themselves in WW2.

    Time travel catches my imagination; I’m not into a lot of paranormal stuff, but I could see myself writing a time-travel story 🙂

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