Good news day

Yesterday was a very good day.

Started well when both GW and I remembered it was our 24th wedding anniversary – who could believe we looked so young when we married all those years ago…  Unfortunately we both had to work, so that put a tiny dampener on the day. Celebrations were very low key at 10 pm when I finally made it home from a dark and stormy night in the air.

The next big news was finding out BURNING LIES will be released on the 2nd July 2012. That means I can now start organising parties 🙂

So I’m date claiming 6th July 2012 for those of you in Cairns and the 13th July 2012 for those in Brisbane.  Venues are still to be decided!

The good news kept coming. Since I now have the benefit of two publishers I have twice the announcements to make! SHATTERED SKY was to be re-released as a B format but Hachette have recognised that the e-book market is storming ahead so instead they’ve reduced the price of SHATTERED SKY’s e-book to reflect that. You can now by WINGS OF FEAR and SHATTERED SKY, in most countries, as ebooks for $10.99 and $11.99 respectively. That means on your e-reader you can have the set for less than the price of one paperback book!

And the final thing for the day? I arrived at work to find I had an all female crew for the second time in a week 🙂 A very good news day indeed!


20 thoughts on “Good news day

  1. Thanks, Rachel. Love flying with an all girl crew. Somehow there’s a different vibe to the aircraft and I have never had a problem passenger on a flight crewed only with women. The passengers seem to be a little more mellow and better behaved. Of course they like to have a little dig about two women pilots but the cabin crew have plenty of witty comebacks 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jenn. I thought I was going to be near your part of Australia in March but alas I’m going to Taree which is a long way south from you… Know any good libraries around Coffs who’d like an author visit 🙂 (I’m being very cheeky….)

  3. Thanks, Phillipa, I’ll let you know if I make it to Adelaide so we can have a glass of champagne to celebrate. I hope your RSI is on the improve… I can think of nothing more frustrating for a writer…

  4. Congratulations Helene. I look forward to reading Burning Lies in July. And congrats on your wedding anniversary. I hope 2012 is a great year for you!

  5. Thanks, Amanda, I will definitely let you know if I’m celebrating in Sydney. Otherwise we can celebrate at the Gold Coast- it will only be six week late 🙂

  6. Thanks Cathy! Lol, there’s only one resort in the Straits on Coconut Island and I don’t think it takes more than a dozen people!!

    We do two flights to Horn Island a day as it’s the gateway to the Torres Strait. Lots of government staff and teaches, nurses etc so it’s always a busy run.

  7. Wooo HOO re burning lies – so so so so exciting… let me know if there will be a Sydney launch at any stage so I can add it to the diary WAY in advance xx

  8. Happy anniversary! 🙂 My goodness, now you’re making me feel old.

    Have ear-marked the 13th July for partee, partee, PARTEEEEEEE.
    Glad Hachette are embracing the ebook challenge.

    Go the Girl Power! 🙂

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