When catching the fish isn’t the real prize

One of the tiny pleasures of spending so much time on flights being repositioned to different bases as a passenger, rather than working as the operating crew, is being able to watch movies. On todayโ€™s flight home the movie was ‘Salmon Fishing in The Yemen‘ and what a delight!

Iโ€™ve always had a soft spot for Ewan McGregor with his disarming smile, soft voice and dry humour. In this movie he was perfect as an asperger salmon scientist who unbuttons his straight-laced personality and takes a leap of faith.ย The story has drama, politics, humour as only the Brits can do, and a deeply satisfying love story.ย I laughed, I cried, I was uplifted as I watched the characters grow and change and endure. And find love!

I’ve done a number of interviews recently talking about writing and it’s great to be able to highlight the relevance of romance in our books by pointing out that our screens (big and small) are full of rich love stories. From the remakes of Jane Austin’s classics books to ‘The Vow’, from ‘Man on the Ledge’ to ‘Avatar’ they all have romance at their heart.

In a world where the news in our papers and on our screens is more often full of tragedy and horror why wouldn’t we seek out romance and joy for our entertainment. Nothing wrong with optimistic endings!

Don’t miss seeing ‘Salmon Fishing in The Yemen’ – despite the clunky title it’s full of wonderful storytelling and all the elements of a good romance.


10 thoughts on “When catching the fish isn’t the real prize

  1. Hi Jo, I didn’t realise it was originally a book, but I should have spotted that!

    I am finally allowing excitement to creep in – it feels as though this release day has been coming for months and now it’s snuck on me and I’m not quite ready! But we do have champagne on ice for Monday!

  2. Hi Helene – Lex and I enjoyed this film too. I read the book a few years ago and it was a well written, easy read.

    Looking forward to your new book hitting the shops and lining up for my copy!


  3. Cath, I knew you were a woman of impeccable taste!!

    I’m still trying to convince GW to come and see it with me – very happy to see it again.

    The humour was outstanding. The British do public servants like no other film makers ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey Helene,
    I dragged my hubby to the movies for this. We both like Ewan McGregor’s films, so he came even though he doesn’t like fishing. And he loved it.

    I laughed in it – a lot. There was something about the way Ewan McGregor played that scientist that was just too funny! I cried in it too (even though hubby said it wasn’t sad) so I’m glad to hear someone else cried. It’s a gorgeous film!


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