And so that was Christmas :)

The day started with a leisurely walk on Trinity Beach, a bath for Zeus and breakfast by the pool.

That was all too much for Zeus who then needed a pensioners nap…

GW sent up a protective mantle of sandalwood smoke to ward off the mozzies – particularly those with the stripy footie socks who carry dengue fever.

That left me in the kitchen chopping chilli, grating carrots, roasting sweet potatoes and learning about the wonder of pomegranates. (I now understand why Persephone risked all for those ruby jewels of liquid sunshine!)

Then it was time to sit back, relax and enjoy the great company, lovely food and balmy weather.

Zeus eventually remembered his manners and entertained Charity for the day.

And so that was Christmas for another year.

I hope your day, however you celebrated it, was filled with family and friends, with laughter and love. See you in 2013.


14 thoughts on “And so that was Christmas :)

  1. I’ll look forward to it Helene 🙂 Hopefully sooner rather than later! Have a great New Year, and a happy, healthy 2013…good luck with your yacht hunting! xx

  2. We had a lovely lunch at Mum’s nursing home, Ham, Turkey with all the trimmings, Xmas pud. Now back at work though Maggie has another week off

  3. Thanks, Brenda. I do love cooking and everyone contributed something so I was mainly in charge of presentation, presentation, presentation!

    Glad to hear you had a lovely family Christmas. Look forward to catching up somewhere around Australia in 2013!

  4. Rach, you are most welcome anytime in the pool. It’s a godsend at this time of year when the humidity slaps us in the face every time we walk outside…

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family 🙂

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