What next?

How embarrassing… You’d think there’d be some respect shown to an old dog, but oh no, not in this family.

It may be true that I’m a little anxious at the moment and I have been licking my leg a little obsessively (but they say cleanliness is next to godliness…) There may in fact be a small hole in my leg which isn’t exactly healing, but there’s no need to treat me with Pawpaw ointment and make me wear a sock.

I’ve read the instruction and it says it’s for cracked nipples on nursing mothers. WTF? Where does it say it’s safe for obsessive compulsive Staffordshire Bullterriers? Nowhere, not even a mention of using it on animals…


Anyone out there need a dedicated guard dog, great with kids, not particularly partial to other dogs but I can be persuaded??

I don’t eat much, except my leg, and I’m very good at making humans feel special. I suspect I’m being taken for granted at the moment…


23 thoughts on “What next?

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  6. Margaret, you’re so lovely and thanks for your advice. They do subject me to monthly injections- cartrophan? – and daily rimmadel tablets (my spelling is probably way off the mark..). Sardines are on the menu daily which is lucky because I love them, but a fish oil capsule maybe a whole lot easier!

    Thank you 🙂

  7. Hi Zeus,
    If arthritis is a problem, there’s a series of injections (sorry if that’s a four-letter word) that may help. Sometimes, the vet also suggests fish oil: (apologies again if that’s not to your taste.) Anyway, hang in there!

  8. Oh Lauren, please send my best wishes to Buddy. He sounds like he’s in way more health trouble than I am…

    Hope he’s on the mend soon. I can highly recommend the pawpaw ointment. Who knew dogs had anything in common with babies??

    I’m sure Buddy will wear his scars as a badge of honour and be running around soon 🙂

  9. Poor Zeus! If it makes you feel any better, my cocker spaniel Buddy, has been a little worse for wear too. He just had an operation to remove a cyst and he’s been trying really hard not to lick his new scar and stitches!

    I suggest you lap up the attention Zeus, my dog is! lol

  10. Brenda, my work is done if I made you smile 🙂

    This morning after H went to work GW took pity on me and wrapped my paw up in a bandage. He was so sweet about it I didn’t have the heart to rip it off. The things we do to keep our humans happy… sigh…

  11. Sandy, KC is a treasure so very happy to share my blog with her. Maybe we could do an interview or podcast? I’ll get my agent to talk to KC’s and we’ll see what we can sniff out.

  12. My dearest KC, how dreadful for you, but lucky you have devoted slave, sorry humans, who are prepared to bathe you each day. (Perhaps asses milk would work – Cleopatra swore by it?)

    You are so right about the respect due to a King. It seems being a mythical boss of the gods doesn’t help either…

    I’ll worry about this boat thing when it happens. Lots of talk at the moment and not much action. Full of hot air I suspect, but we’ll see.

    Much love back to you too 😉

  13. Thanks, Margaret, I daren’t tell the humans but I think my arthritis is playing up so my paw aches… I’ll mention it to the vet new visit 🙂

  14. Dave, you’ve no idea how fearful I was that the lampshade thingy would happen. Thankfully I think H and GW are too embarrassed to be seen in public with a dog wearing one of those…

  15. Haha!! Poor Zeus!! You had me laughing at your misfortune then 😉 Just remember, food is sure to be tastier than your leg 😉 I’m sure your Mum and Dad are only doing the sock and pawpaw thing for your own good!

  16. Hey, Helene, sorry about KC rambling on, you know how much of a social butterfly she is and she gets concerned when her friends are under the weather. 🙂

  17. Oh no, Zeus! At the moment, my mum is washing by feet and by butt (!) every day because of a so-called yeast infection. I have to stand in the laundry sink for FIVE minutes while she massages my feet with special medication. At least it’s dog medication and the massaging isn’t so bad – and after she soaps up my butt she leaves that alone until she rinses. Still, I’m a KING Charles Cavalier, there should be more respect for royalty.

    Hope you feel better soon. And take heart, your mum and dad may be acting peculiar and things changing in your world, but don’t stress, they’ll be taking you with them where-ever they go. And salt water is very good for wounds.

    Lots of love and whisker kisses, KC.

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