Researching the extreme

I’m busy working away on my next story which has an opening scene set in Antarctica. I’ve had so much fun looking through the photos and watching the videos we shot on our 26 day journey to McMurdo Sound.

But just to prove I go the extra mile getting the research right here’s a photo of me diving into the Southern Ocean.

It was as cold as it looked… Brrrr….


18 thoughts on “Researching the extreme

  1. Make sure you do it, Lauren. It is truly remarkable. There’s nothing else like it. I’m loving revisiting it for my latest story.

    Bit alarmed, though, that there’s just been a Twin Otter crash in Antarctica – eerily similar to my opening scene!

  2. It was an amazing trip, Shelleyrae. The sensory overload when we landed at Macquarie Island on the way home was difficult to process after three weeks of white and blue.

  3. Colder in the water… but in that fiery kind of cold way, Cath.

    I certainly walked like a penguin after the dip – there’s a reason for that waddle 🙂

  4. Was it colder in the water or standing there in your swimmers? I don’t know which would have been worse!

    A true penguin or seal or something!

    At least you can use it for your book.

    Cath xo

  5. That cold is what killed most of the people on the TITANIC! Ah well, you RE Queenslander so I suppose that explains it! 🙂

  6. Insane indeed!!

    There were about ten of us who ventured in (GW was not amongst us…). One old chappie wanted to swim around the boat but was unceremoniously hauled out. The doctor was on standby at the top of the gang plank with heart starter and first aid!

  7. Brrrrrr!!! Your so brave Helene!! Don’t know if I could do that!! Can’t wait for this Book to be out!! When will it be available!? :O)

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