Hotting up?

It’s warm in North Queensland today, although according to GW it was much hotter last week… I thought he may have been angling for some sympathy since I’m sat inside editing Half Moon Bay, with the fans whirling fast enough to take off, while he’s painting the outside of the house.

Clearly I didn’t make enough soothing noises because he took the Ergon Thermometer with him. (I think he wants to be on the VB beer advert…. All sweaty and hot and manly πŸ™‚ )

Anyway, startling results!

Apparently he’s working at the same temperature as the solar hot water system!

What’s it like at your place today?


6 thoughts on “Hotting up?

  1. Stu, you are not allowed near GW or he’ll be downing tools and taking me to court!

    Retired gentlemen with too much time on their hands should go fishing if they don’t want to be given jobs to do πŸ™‚

  2. Bummer, Suzanne, I’d gladly send this heat wave south. Normally it would be raining at this time of year but sadly our wet season swept through and drowned poor Bundaberg…

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