A day of learning.

I’ll be brief 🙂

1:  A 12 metre long catamaran that’s 7.24 metres wide will be a handful in 25 kts of crosswind when trying to moor on a berth.

2. The refueller at Gladstone is a gentleman above reproach and should be paid a great deal more money.

3. An old bloke called Pete, who’s had a lifetime as a real old salty seaman, is a national treasure and should be knighted.

4. The guy in charge of the Gladstone Marina is also to be commended for saving me from a mountain of paperwork and allowing us to moor for a couple of hours.

5. It’s a long walk from the Gladstone Marina to the nearest supermarket, especially if you’re an ageing staffie…

6. If the boat needs fuel and water then it probably needs its gas cylinders refilling too…

7. A familiar anchorage is a wonderful sight to behold – Graham’s Creek feels like a haven.

8. A day with a steep learning curve will provide the best lessons.

9. Nothing tastes better than a lamb roast after a long day.

1o. I love GW more every day ( and I really didn’t think that was possible 🙂 )

Do we really have to go back to Roobi, Dad???


11 thoughts on “A day of learning.

  1. Thanks, Brenda, we’re anchored safely in Pacific Creek on the top western side of Curtis Island snug as a couple of bugs 🙂 Mind you, speaking of bugs, the sandflies and mozzies are pretty darned fiercer and after the splashing we just heard outside there’ll be no late night loo stop ashore for Zeus tonight!

  2. Jennifer, they’ve already started building. We could see the lights glowing over the horizon all night. Apparently they work 24/7 and the ferries start arriving at 6.30 with men and equipment. It was a little surreal to be up an inlet all alone on our boat yet surrounded by endless building projects…

  3. Hope you’re safe today (12th) Helene…the weather is awful where you are! Watching it on the weather map tonight, I told my hubby that’s where you are, in the midst of all that white! He was horrified!!!

  4. The State Government is going to declare 1/3 of Curtis Island a State Development area, and construct three huge LNG plants. You’re lucky to see this gorgeous place before it’s wrecked. Love your stories. Keep them coming!

  5. He was definitely not ready to get back on board, Nicky. Apparently Curtis Island used to be a cattle property. There are wild dogs and pigs still there and we saw three horse. Heaven to a Staffy nose 🙂

  6. This is such a lovely post! I think it’s so much a bonus to have a strong relationship before undertaking something like this and it sounds like your adventure is only making it even more so!

  7. Beautiful Helene! You guys are on such a learning curve!! Enjoy, have fun together, but above all, stay safe! 🙂

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