Things that go bump in the night…

Today started at 1 am when our low depth alarm sounded. By 2 am our anchor chain had decided to wrap itself around us in a loop and then snapped the rivets on the prodder on the front of the boat which left it dangling on its stays. At 4.30 am we were drinking cups of tea and waiting for the sun to rise. Strange how a banging sound in daylight is white noise and at night it’s an adrenalin surging worry…

When we ventured out of the Town of 1770 channel it was immediately obvious the 2 metre swell was not only still there but building. We picked up a couple of free loaders along the way and they were happy to pose for photos. By the time we were five miles off shore I was starting to think they were coming all the way to Cairns, but they must have a boundary as they all took off with a flurry of feathers and headed shorewards.

We motored for the two hour trip north to Pancake Creek with just the headsail up as the wind was right behind us and the seas lumpy. The green starboard buoy was a welcome sight as we rounded the headland. Even better was realising there were only two other masts and heaps of room for us. We found ourselves a good mooring and now we’ll just have to see what the winds bring tomorrow. (Perhaps I need to share a little more French Champagne with Huey and Neptune!)

Zeus was delighted with the short sailing day and he made the most of his time ashore finding more sticks than you’d need on bonfire night. A couple of pelicans were cruising up and down in the channel catching fish much to GW’s chagrin. He’s decided the fish don’t fear him they mock him… So far there’s been no seafood dinner…

Tomorrow we have a prodder to fix, a lighthouse to visit and a water maker to chivvy into submission. And I still have a story to write, but in between there’s FB, blogging and emails to keep me busy as Telstra’s still providing me with full internet access in the middle of a national park just short of the back of beyond!

Right now, I think the pelicans drifting on the tide have the right idea. Much less effort!!


10 thoughts on “Things that go bump in the night…

  1. Just watch it around Gladstone way. Those super tankers go at a great pace and they can’t stop/change course in a hurry either. As for those things that go bump in the night, I feel for you. Been there done that many times. I liken it to planting a seed of doubt. Water it and it increases in size. All too soon, it’s sprouted and shading you from sunlight – quite claustrophobic… Bring on daytime when one can knock it back where doubt belongs – buried in a hole.
    BTW, are you planning to visit Middle Percy? I think I may have left a signature there. I know a lot of the memorabilia has been shifted but there’s still a lot there. Our visit was when we crewed on “Sydney Sundancer”.
    Keep on keeping a good lookout and look after the Staffy. Just hope he’s not as afraid of water as our daughter’s dog!

  2. So true, Susanne! We have rain on the forecast here as well but at least Roo Bin Esque has lots of undercover area.

    We’re heading for a nice quite creek now so we can moor up and wait out the weather. They’ve stopped departures of the large vessels out of Gladstone tomorrow because of the weather so it must be coming!

  3. Great advice, thanks Brett. We decided last night we’d head for Gladstone, but weren’t planning on the narrows. After your comments we’ve researched it a bit more – and yes, we do have Alan Lucas’s book and would have been lost without it. We reckon late this week, if we can see and end in sight for the strong winds, we’ll head up that way. At least we’re still creeping north 🙂

  4. Sandy, Zeus is happily jumping in and out of the tender now. He’s not keen on his lifejacket but at night or on longer trips he’s stuck with his “Super-Staffy Vest’!

    Happy to kill a bad guy or three in the WIP but think I’ll try the champagne as well 🙂 And yes, the forecast is looking average for the next few days at least…

  5. How much we rely on sight for our sense of safety, yet how much worse are some things when we see them!

    Rain predicted for 3 of the next 4 days in SEQ, so good luck with weather up your way! Hope you get that seafood dinner tonight.

  6. Ah the joys of boating/yachting. I think Murphy’s laws for boating are very similar to those for flying.
    Not good news weather/wind wise for the next 4 or 5 days by the looks of it.
    The marina at Gladstone is quite good if your looking for parts for desalinators etc and the trip up through the narrows is all calm water but must be done at high tide. If you have “Cruising the Coral Coast” it gives all the details, if not let me know and I can email them to you.
    At least once you get north of Port Clinton there are lots of good island anchorages from the Percy’s north.
    Sounds and looks like a great trip anyway, Brett

  7. I hear you on the adrenaline surging worry with those odd clunking sounds in the middle of the night when you’re at sea.

    Zeus looks like he’s getting the hang of the tender. 🙂

    You definitely need to do more appeasing with the weather gods. Perhaps a sacrifice or two? Knock off a bad guy in your WIP.

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