Tall fishing stories…

You know what they say about fisherman – the size of the fish grows in the telling…

I’m over at Cathryn Hein’s fabulous Friday Feast waxing lyrical about Capt G’s endeavours on our recent sailing trip from Brisbane to Cairns. I’m even prepared to share a couple of my sure fire recipes so drop by and join in the conversation! (Zeus is, of course, taking part!!)

Find us at www.caththrynhein.com

And if you need a great book for the long weekend then check out Heartland, Cathryn’s latest release!


3 thoughts on “Tall fishing stories…

  1. They almost taste sweet, Sandy. Not being a fish eater I was very surprised at how delicate it was!

    Brett, we could definitely do with advice. We’re just not dedicated fishermen yet but Capt G is working on it!!

  2. Well done those anglers. 24 days though and many bite offs. We might have to talk about you fishing gear, rigs and lures.

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