Safe Harbour

Dux anchorage on the western side of South Stradbroke Island has proven to be a wonderful safe harbour for us for the last two nights. The storms that swept through last night, leaving us rocking at anchor instead of bobbing, cleared the air for a gorgeous morning. Zeus even woke up refreshed after his valium induced sleep!

Today we had a family of kites come for a look see, a pod of dolphins swim past and a pelican turn up to say g’day.

Capt G went hunter gathering while I pushed on with my writing. (The word count is ripping along!) Sadly our hunting skills need some work so lucky the freezer is still stocked!

A line of storms built along the Border Ranges and gradually drifted seawards and north during the afternoon. I do love watching storm cells grow, mature and fall away. They left plenty of remnants behind for a glorious sunset.

Enjoy our day in photos 🙂 I hope you too have a lovely weekend.


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