Days like this…

From the sublime to the ridiculous today 🙂

The sunrise was glassy calm with the palest of pink blushes. As we motored down the channel towards southern Moreton Bay I thought I was destined for another stellar word count. Sadly the universe had other plans.

In a benign part of the channel, having navigated under power lines, dodged busy ferries, and missed the crab pots bobbing in the bay, we managed to run aground on a shoal that wasn’t meant to be there. Capt G was not impressed and Zeus even less so! Thankfully we were at the bottom of the tide so we only needed to toss out the anchor and wait a couple of hours for the water to float us off. (The blokes working on the nearby power lines were more perturbed than we were!!)

The upside was the pelicans who performed for my camera. Then we arrived late into Dux’s anchorage with the sun starting to set. A wallaby came down to eat at the water’s edge and a pair of ducks came to say hi. After a short walk through to the ocean side of South Stradbroke Island (which involved meeting the grumpy caretaker at the Southport Yacht Club…) there was Surfer’s Paradise emerging from the surf and looking almost beautiful.

And to finish it off there was a sunset.

Here’s the day in photographs.

Enjoy 🙂


3 thoughts on “Days like this…

  1. Yes she’s certainly an awesome sister 🙂 You wouldn’t even have gone away if she hadn’t been able to come. I hope your Mum is coming along OK now Helene? Bad luck the holidays are over, but from your photos you had a pretty amazing time, plus the writing was successful too 🙂

  2. Thanks, Brenda, I can’t wait to have the time to do a photography course and work out what I really should be doing with the camera. I know it’s capable of so much more!!

    And no damage to Roobi – although we probably lost some anti-foul…

    The writing is finally rocketing along. So very grateful to Bronwyn for flying back from the UK to look after mum and give me writing time. 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos (once again) Helene 🙂 No damage when you ran aground I hope? How unlucky! I hope you can settle to your writing soon (as I know that’s what you want to do 😉 )

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays…

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