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  1. Hi Helen, thank you so much – you are a wealth of information – taking physics and maths are definitely in her plans. At what age can she take a trial introductory flight – is she still too young at 15 years?
    all the best

  2. Hi Ingrid, thanks for your message. Your daughter should check with her school and see if they offer any programmes – some do through the Airforce with Air Cadets. Some have one session a week at a flying school as part of activity dats. She does need to consider her school subjects and do maths and physics at the very least. Universities like Griffith Uni in Queensland and Swinburne uni offer Aviation Degree – I think there are quite a few now. They are expensive and a degree doesn’t guarantee a job as a pilot but gives them more strings to their bows.

    The Australian Women’s Pilot Association also offers limited scholarships for portions of training and if you Google them you’ll find the information on their website.

    If she hasn’t already done a Trial Introductory Flight then I’d suggest finding a flying school near you and booking her in for one so she can try it first hand. Let me know if I can provide any other information and I hope she takes to the skies!


  3. I read your article with fascination – the deep emotion is very evident and linked with the beautiful description of the environment you have flown over – lucky you. I am keeping your article for my 15 year old daughter who is very interested in becoming a pilot. She will be intrigued and hopefully inspired with your first hand description. How does a girl enter into the aviation industry?
    All the best

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