The Dress Rehearsal is Over!

Roobinesque has been scrubbed, painted, polished, waxed and buffed to within an inch of her life. (Sounds like a long session at the day-spa, doesn’t it?) She’s now making an extra knot and a half of boat speed and I swear she had a sexy little wiggle as we departed Boat Works.

Roobi being carried by Ellie back to the water

The last week has been fun, painful, exhausting and satisfying. You know those colourbond adverts with people staring lovingly at their house roof? We had one of those moments today. Our girl is looking gorgeous!

A very big thank you to the crew at The Boat Works Gold Coast for running such a professional operation. We’ll be back – and can you make sure Capt Jack Sparrow is there next time as well??

Boat Works Crew pushing Roobi back into the water

We’re anchored in Dux Anchorage off South Straddie tonight, having made a mad dash to get here before last light. The sunset was all about the amazing clouds rather than colours and from the look of the mare’s tails and mackerel skies we’re in for a change of weather.

Tomorrow will bring what tomorrow brings and, in this new Zen world of ours, we’ll deal with that tomorrow 🙂

Clouds heralding a change?


4 thoughts on “The Dress Rehearsal is Over!

  1. Hi Brett,

    She was scooting along again today with her clean bottom and shiny props. My only small regret is we didn’t get that side scan sonar fitted… Maybe next time!

  2. Thanks, Jo and Lex, it’s a windy old day in Moreton Bay! We’ve tucked in behind Macleay Island for the night and I’m contemplating taking a kayak for a paddle – it is a little chilly though!!

    Looking forward to using some of these south easterlies to blow us north 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about standing back and admiring your handy work. They look so great with a polish, fresh antifoul and new anodes. They’re always happier when they go back in the water to, Brett

  4. Roobi’s all ready now. Nothing like a clean bottom for a smart getaway – those extra knots make all the difference. And the best thing is that she’ll be just as clean when you finally stop! Looking forward to following your travels, Helene. Enjoy those South-easterlies coming from the RIGHT direction!
    love Jo and Lex XX

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