Mooloolaba to Double Island Point

Phew! What a day. The wind was up and down for the entire ten hours of sailing and as there were two other boats heading in the same direction apparently we needed to go even faster than usual! That necessitated multiple sail changes, jibes, sail trims, hand steering and earnest discussion. (We came second if anyone’s interested 😀 )

To add to the excitement, there we were minding our own business, eyes on the speed log as Capt G tweaked the gennaker, and a massive great humpback decided to breach right next to us. No warning, no ‘excuse me’, not even a blow of its water spout. Just an almighty bellyflop that spiked my heart rate and rendered me speechless – and anyone who knows me knows that I’m never lost for words! Of course I raced for my camera, but do you think they’d do it again? Not on your nelly… I sat on the front deck, frozen solid for half an hour, tracking these little puffs of breath as they passed us. The minute I got up to leave up they went again. At least Capt G saw this one so finally understood why I’d lost the power of speech.

Their cousins, the dolphins, turned up as well and played in the bow wave, but they too scurried away at the first sign of a camera lens. I’m putting the go pro up the front again tomorrow. More than one way to trick them into appearing on film for me!

We’re moored up in the lee of Double Island Point tonight and conditions being fine tomorrow we’ll head over the Wide Bay Bar and into the Sandy Straits. Two very tired but happy sailors are hoping for a good night’s sleep 🙂

Enjoy tonight’s photos!

Double Island Point Lighthouse

Gorgeous coloured sands at Double Island Point

Sunset over Rainbow Beach


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