Worth the cold toes!

It was worth crawling out of bed in the half light this morning to see the moon set. I knew it would be pretty, but I hadn’t counted on another yacht being anchored in the perfect position to add another layer to the photo. (Sadly that time of day is when I miss Zeus most so it does add a touch of melancholy to the morning…) Capt G refused to leave the toasty warmth of the cabin, but he did have a lovely cup of tea ready for me when I’d finally taken enough photos and went inside shivering!

As we have to head up the Brisbane River tomorrow morning we spent the day double checking all our deck fittings and sails. It will be our last chance to grab any more spare parts if we need them. We found the block on the mainsail halyard wasn’t running as smoothly as it should so we changed that over. Sounds simple but it was actually an hour’s job by the time we’d attached additional ropes and run it all the way up through the mast and down to the deck again. It was worth it to see the sail rattle up and down so much more easily again. I have to smile when anyone says to me, ‘It must be so good to live on a boat and have nothing to do…’ Oh how I wish!!

A small pod of dolphins came visiting in the middle of changing the block and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my camera out in time… But we did have a lovely sail from Deception Bay through to Clontarf and we’re anchored near the bridge that joins Redcliffe to the main land.

It was another gorgeous sunset 🙂


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