The downside of the great adventure…

It’s been a strange old week. The forecast winds haven’t dropped below 25 knots (50 kms/hr) and the gusts have been considerably stronger. We’ve stayed anchored in Double Bay along with another couple of boats, all cocooned in our own little worlds. Roobinesque’s been tugging at her anchor while Wilbur the Wind generator continues to do his bit to keep my computer charged. It’s not quite the cruising life I envisaged but the good has to come with the not so good.

Some days it’s been simply too windy to bother leaving the boat. On one adventure we struggled to get the dinghy back out of the shallows as the wind and tide had turned the small beach into a lee shore. I have new appreciation for sailing vessels who are wrecked in those conditions. (We’ll know better next time than to attempt the landing in the first place!) It’s been a quiet time for the two us with plenty of reading, writing and movie watching. We’ve probably eaten too much (all that baking can’t go to waste!), definitely not got enough exercise, and I’ve spent far too much time on FB!

It’s also made me realise that whilst I adore Capt G (and he’s forever making me laugh…) I miss the constant contact with people that I’ve always had with a busy career. I used to say I’d be quite content to live in a light-house. It may be a good thing that I didn’t pursue that ambition. It’s also made me think about elderly people trapped in their own homes because of mobility or access issues. In the last years of Mum’s life she didn’t like to go out, but when I did manage to cajole her into going for a drive or to lunch she’d always come home with colour in her cheeks and a tired smile. If you have an older person in your life who doesn’t get out much, make an effort to change their view for them 🙂

Someone asked me a week or so ago on FB how I deal with cabin fever – I have an answer for her now. I write like a demon, eat far too many cheddar biscuits and pace the decks. And trust me, the decks aren’t that big. No wonder the early sailors went ashore as often as they could!

We’re planning on moving today to another bay and I’ll have some new scenery and hopefully a walking trail of two. Meanwhile there’s a workshop to finish writing and the other half of my next book to write.

Enjoy the photos of the week.


A stunning shell found in Double Bay

The oysters are huge! Shame some one else had been there before us....

The things you find hanging in trees...

A deceptively calm bay with 55 km/hr winds

The sunsets were never the same

A softer sunset

A dramatic day's end


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