Tall timbers

When we lived in Brisbane we had several four-wheel drive holidays on Fraser Island. Like so much of the Queensland coast its forests were logged extensively in the early 1900s through to 1991 when the island was finally given World Heritage protection. A whole community sprang up around the MacKenzie sawmill and wharf facilities where the timber was processed and shipped to Maryborough for sale. It fell into disrepair in the 1930s and much of the infrastructure was left behind. If you visit Kingfisher Bay Resort you can walk to the site along the beach.

We’re anchored of North White Cliffs where the remains of the mill and the wharf are slowly succumbing to the power of mother nature. The walking tracks are closed so I can’t take you on a visit to the small school that was part of the village – maybe next visit. I’ve also discovered that the site was used by a Z Special Unit Commando training group during the Second World War – I hope they gave them mozzie repellant!

It’s another glorious day on the water and my fingers are crossed for another lovely sunset!

And it delivered! Look at this sunset!!

Inside one of the old boilers

Go-kart racing?

Now that's a nonchalant fisherman!

Old satinay trunks were used in the jetty

Not too bad for an afternoon on the beach!

Trusty kayaks still waiting for us 🙂


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