Hangin’ around

Today went almost as planned. I’ve increased my word count, we both did some cleaning and the fishing line was dangled off the back of the boat. Sadly no fish accepted the bait so it looks like we have corned beef for dinner – and Graham’s cooking!

One of today’s little miracles was cleaning the windows with liquid paraffin. According to the Lagoon manual you just need to wipe the windows over with a rag soaked in paraffin. Not sure that the filmy, soft-lens look really suited Roobi,but once we’d polished it off with a soft cloth? I’m converted. We did all the clears around the back deck as well and the boat is glistening. Nowhere on the web could I find information on the cleaning properties of liquid paraffin but I can assure you it works!

Graham also polished the solar panels so the batteries are humming at capacity.

Graham making those solar panels gleam!

Even the pelicans had a rest in the middle of the day.

Another shot from last night's sunset 🙂


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