Lighter winds, but the warriors were out and about.

We started the day with a trip to the beach for Zeus and you can only imagine his joy at finding more sticks. I think he may be developing a small phobia about his lime green lifejacket, but I keep telling him he looks very smart and brave in it. I don’t think he’s entirely happy about sitting in the bottom of the inflatable either, but he has stoic down to an art form.

Heading out through the main channel to the port of Brisbane I was fascinated by the large vessels heading in to berth. Listening to the chatter on the radio I was reminded of a more gentlemanly era of travel. Having spent my childhood around the ships that Dad worked on I’ll always have a soft spot for these towering masses of steel that circle endlessly around the globe. We have AIS equipment which allows us to identify the vessels around us. Just as we reached the top of Firestone Passage near Caloundra GW spotted Rainbow Warrior. Yes, Greenpeace was out and about in their ugly but some how elegant sailing ship. It dwarfed us!

Not long after that brief encounter the winds died. It didn’t matter what we tried, by 2 pm it was obvious we weren’t going to make Wide Bay Bar so we headed instead for Mooloolaba and found a lovely little spot to anchor off the beach. More play time for Zeus and then around 5 pm the paddlers, rowers and outriggers arrived. If I needed any inspiration for my latest hero I didn’t have far to look. The ageing warriors rowing the surf boats even took time out to wave for the photo.

For dinner we christened our Baby Q Webber and the beef was delicious! (Although I may need to fine tune my cooking schedule for veggies as crispy black sweet potato probably didn’t add much to the meal…)

And then the sunset 🙂


12 thoughts on “Lighter winds, but the warriors were out and about.

  1. Since something bit through a 40 pound breaking strain fishing line today and took GW”s lure I’m not keen on towing Zeus behind… He may not win that battle…

  2. Flotation devices while taking a dip at a pet care centre? Barking mad? I think they may be chasing their tails….

    Zeus is delighted that with your assistance, Bron, he’s a trend setter – still! He’s got quite used to be locked into it and I’m sure in a month he’ll be happy to sit in the bottom of the tender too. Perhaps a comfy mat is in order.

  3. Hi Helene

    I think Zeus looks very smart ! And very lucky that his life jacket is (vaguely) optional. To cheer him up, I went cybersurfing for pics of celebrity pooches in luxury life jackets (yes, they do come in pink and blue polka dots!), and discovered that in Colarado (lots of pampered puppies) the State authorities are planning on making personal canine ‘flotation devices’ compulsory for all dogs taking dips at pet care centers ….One dog lover said the authorities were ‘barking’ … And yes, I checked the date, the story was published in January and not on April Fools Day! So Zuesy, once again, you’re riding the crest of a trend …. Xxxx PS Love to your Mum and Dad

  4. We are, Cathy 🙂

    Kerrie, I think it’s a bit like writing – it’s a relief to let go of the rigid procedures of flying (and on time performance…) and just go with the flow. I have no idea what day of the week it is!

  5. Had the best night sleep in a long while last night, Sandy. Just wonderful 🙂

    So far so good, Brenda. They are forecasting stronger winds today and tomorrow so we’ll no doubt have to use the reefs in the main.

    Slowly, slowly, Tina. So many little things we’re discovering about the boat still. And I reckon the last owner must have been left handed as all the shackles are around the other way for me so I’m gradually changing them.

    Off and running early this morning so hopefully we’ll be through Wide Bay by mid afternoon!

  6. Looks like beautiful weather Helene! Glad another lovely day was had by all…even though Zeus isn’t too sure of it all yet 😉

  7. What a wonderful day. You won’t want to stop when you get to HMB!

    The Baby Qs are a fabulous invention aren’t they?

    Very decent of the boys to offer some inspiration. 🙂

    Great sunset photo. Are you enjoying the sound of the water lapping against the hull/s at night?

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