Catch ups.

I hate to compress any of this wonderful journey but writing a blog a night was barely keeping my head above water  – and no that doesn’t mean the bilge pumps have stopped working! The three days without internet occurred at a time when I most wanted to shout to the world, ‘Look, isn’t this Continue reading

Great! It’s Keppel

Anyone else remember the best advertising campaign for an Australian resort island – Get Wrecked on Great Keppel? Sadly the resort is no longer operating, a salutory reminder that Australian tourism is not the driving force it used to be. 24 years ago, with my brand new private pilot licence, I landed on Great Keppel Continue reading

Just hangin’ on the chain

A strong wind warning was still in place today so we stayed hangin’ on the anchor chain for the day, dancing in the wind and the tide. Funniest moment was GW hooking the rubber ducky with his lure in his attempts to catch dinner as we spun in a wild gust. (We ate pasta instead, Continue reading

Lighter winds, but the warriors were out and about.

We started the day with a trip to the beach for Zeus and you can only imagine his joy at finding more sticks. I think he may be developing a small phobia about his lime green lifejacket, but I keep telling him he looks very smart and brave in it. I don’t think he’s entirely Continue reading