Where’s Zeus?

Well that’s a relief! Day One is under our belts (or is that under our keel?). After a mad dash to the airport to drop off the hire car, followed by  a journey back to Manly on Brisbane’s trains (entertained by Margareta Osborn’s fabulous ‘Hope’s Road’ on my iPhone), good friends came to throw our lines and wave us off. With a following wind we managed an average boat speed of 7.8 knots and a top of 9.5 knots (the retentive pilot part of me is still doing calculations…) and made good time to our first anchorage.

Zeus survived a trip ashore in the inflatable and was ecstatic to find himself on a beach with sticks! Staffie heaven apparently. Dinner was delicious and I’ve discovered we have a better internet connection now than we had in the marina at Manly. ( Not to mention more TV stations that we had in Brisbane.)

GW suggested that I should do a giveaway on the blog to celebrate our adventure and when the man’s prepared to dig into his wallet I don’t say no! So, here’s the deal. Over the next four weeks, whether we make it all the way to Cairns or not, I’ll post five photographs of Zeus’s memorable places. All you need to do is work out where he is and by Friday 26th April, send me an email via the contact form on this blog with the correct answers.

Your reward for following our journey? One randomly drawn winner will receive a signed Advance Review Copy of Half Moon Bay. You’ll have it three weeks before the real deal hits the shelves on 22nd May, 2013. For one runner up – also randomly drawn – I’ll send a signed copy of the new version of Burning Lies.

So you’ve seen my obligatory sunset – because I can never get enough of the start and finish of the day.

And below is the first of the competition photos. This one’s easy!

Sand Blow on Moreton Island


23 thoughts on “Where’s Zeus?

  1. Lesley, GW wanted it to be a ‘guess where Zeus is cocking his leg’ competition but I dry the line at photographing my dog balancing on three legs…

    Joanie will probably be able to identify the photo.

  2. Sandy, I was very impressed with the boat speed. Half the wind and it felt very comfortable. Zeus is certainly happy to find sticks and dry land at the end of the day!

    And yes, you may be on the money 🙂

  3. Lol, Brenda, being a Queenslander would help with identifying this spot 🙂

    Patricia, you definitely need to make that someone take you camping near this spot! Paradise.

  4. No idea where you are….but I bet Zeus was running up and down the dunes x At first I thought we had to put a cross on the picture..’Spot the dog’ ….ask GW ha ha xx

  5. My goodness, 7.8 to 9.5 knots, Roo-B was cracking along! A beach with sticks, so this boating gig isn’t so bad after all, eh?

    First of all I thought it was Slipping Sands, but you’d have been going the wrong way! So I’m guessing somewhere near Tangalooma?

    Hey, Zeus isn’t going to do a ‘Where’s Matt’ and dance is he?

  6. Congratulations on day one being done and dusted Helene! What a glorious sunset! You should do a photo book of sunsets and rises sometime soon…you have some wonderful ones to put in it 🙂

    Keep having fun, and stay safe…I’ll be hopeless working out where Zeus is… 😉

  7. Oh gee… If this is easy I’m sunk!

    Glad day 1 went so well and that Zeus is enjoying himself 🙂

    Enjoy the next few weeks (and hopefully I’ll know a spot)

    Cath xo

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