Chill out time

It was a leisurely day aboard Roobinesque.

We went for paddle.

We went for a walk and discussed the size of the dingo paw prints in the sand. The track from the campsite at Snout Point is well defined, but we can’t find any information on where it actually ends up. The campsite also doesn’t seem to be listed on any of the Fraser Island maps. From the look of the paw prints there’s a dingo pack living out this way though!

Then we watched the sun set  – or Capt G snoozed and I crawled around the boat looking for new angles for sunset photos. I never tire of watching the light fade whereas Capt G reckons you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all… What do you think when you watch a sunset?

I hope your Sunday was as relaxing as ours!


4 thoughts on “Chill out time

  1. Thanks, Brett 🙂 The northerlies are a little problematic and Gary’s anchorage is probably the pick of them but it was pretty crowded… We’ll see how South White Cliff looks tomorrow but with it forecast to swing westerly I’m thinking we’ll need to be across the other side…

  2. I’m with you Helene, I never tire of sunsets either they’re just gorgeous. One day we’ll also be able to enjoy watching a sunset every day as we’re sitting under the awning of our caravan when we start travelling. But hopefully not come across dingo paws – scary.
    It was a warmish day today but we decided to spend it indoors researching our next big trip. When hubby was having a sleep I started The Falls, a lovely read for a lazy Sunday.

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