Strong wind warning?

Being moored in the Brisbane River was so much more interesting than I thought it would be. We spent two nights at North Shore which is on the Comslie Reach of the river. Between the City Cats, the rowers, the trawler men, the aircraft, the Gateway Bridge and the pelicans I had plenty to line up in the crosshairs of my camera.

Here’s a selection of my favourites!

Fisherman with his feathered mascot

The Gateway Bridge by night

Roobinesque reflecting on the sunset

Formation flying

This afternoon we reclaimed ‘n Joey’, our dinghy, with its new thermostat and headed down the river, dodging a couple of cargo ships which were manouevring with the assistance of tugs. We entered Moreton Bay just in time to be greeted with a strong wind warning! So we hoisted our sails and pointed north to Scarborough where we’ll probably stay tucked up for a couple of days while the winds blow through.

I’m sure we’ll find plenty to amuse ourselves! What’s your week have in store for you?


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