Sunrise photos with a difference!

The change of weather whipped through at about 9.30 last night complete with thunder, lightening and the patter of rain. In the space of an hour the Susan River went from a washing machine to a bath tub. In the middle of the line of storms I realised I could hear running water – inside the boat not outside. The filter on the main water pump had decided to crack up – and I knew exactly how it felt. Shutting off the water involves me diving head first into the anchor locker, reefing out the fuel drums, fenders and hoses and then stretching out as far as I can to reach the shut-off valve. Some days I wish I was tall! Capt G was snoring as he was doing the later watch so I mopped up the flood, emptied all the taps and figured it could wait for the morning.

By the time Capt G fronted up for his watch the weather was calm and he located the spare filter cap. A hot shower has never felt so good!

This morning he hauled me out of bed to fend off a tree that was caught in the tide. It narrowly missed us and continued into the river. I hope it didn’t collect anyone else. With the wind still relatively benign we hoisted sails, waved at Inkwindi as we passed her at anchor, and headed up the Strait. The routine broadcast from the Strait’s VMR mentioned a capsized yacht drifting near Big Woody Island. We could see the water police and marine rescue vessel with it and can only assume everyone on board was safe. It was a salutary reminder that the ocean is unforgiving…

We’re moored in the marina now which will give us peace of mind when we leave Roobi next weekend to fly to Melbourne. It will also let us do some day trips or overnights across to the northern end of Fraser Island. Whale watching is in full swing in Hervey Bay!

And today I have some sunrise photos with a difference. The birds were busy hunting as we left Susan River this morning.


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