Get Reading in Caloundra and Redcliffe

I started the day in a rainy Cairns and finished in a chilly Brisbane. Along the way I chatted with readers, writers and an old friend in Caloundra and Redcliffe.

Thanks to Belinda from Get Reading I was on time and on track – nothing more a pilot could ask for!

Thanks to Simone and her wonderful team at the Caloundra Library for hosting the event. The audience was fun and the afternoon tea was delicious! Thanks also to Graeme from The Bookshop in Caloundra for supplying copies of all my books – where would we be without our wonderful independent booksellers!

Some of the audience at Caloundra Library

Fellow writers, Sara and Maggie

Graeme from The Bookshop Caloundra

After fish and chips on the Caloundra foreshore, Belinda and I headed south down the highway to Redcliffe. The sun had disappeared behind the Glass House Mountains by the time we reached our turning and the chill in the air had me reaching for my jacket. I’m such a soft north Queenslander these days…

Thanks to Tina and Donna from Redcliffe Library for their warm welcome and wonderful cheese platters. Thanks also to the ladies and gentleman who came along to chat about books. The warmth of the welcome was lovely. And a big thank you to Dymocks from Chermside for also providing books for my talk.

Tomorrow we head to Warwick for a morning visit to the library then head back to Chermside for the evening’s talk. Look forward to more insightful questions!

Redcliffe Audience


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