At the heart of it

My guest today is Cathryn Hein, a fellow Penguin Australia author, who has the delicious Friday Feast blog which is on my ‘never miss list.’ Her second novel, HEART OF THE VALLEY, has just been released and I’m looking forward to curling up with it soon. Please welcome Cathryn. Hi Helene, and thanks so much Continue reading

Silent Fear

Silent Fear is another page turner from Katherine Howell.  Detective Ella Marconi is back at work unravelling a complex crime involving brothels, drugs, and murder.  Holly, a paramedic, provides the other point of view for the story. It’s a good contrast between the conflicted paramedic and the dedicated detective. As usual the cast of characters Continue reading

Hear me roar

Driving home last night from the Trinity Beach book club meeting I was listening to Tony Delroy on the ABC’s Night Life. His guest was Rachel Ward, chatting about her recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald titled ‘I Am Strong. I Am Invisible.’ Also along for the conversation was researcher Mark Crindle. The gist Continue reading