Cover Queen

Some authors seem to have a hotline to the cover fairies. You know the ones – they do a cover reveal of their new book and you sigh, your fingers stroking the screen as you drink in the rich colours, the curves of the heroine and the rock hard muscles of the hero. You’d buy Continue reading

Writing our Troubled World into a Novel

I’ve always loved reading international thrillers and today’s blog guest, Greg Barron, has written an excellent example of the genre, but with a difference. ROTTEN GODS is a fascinating compelling read. I’ll let Greg explain why he chose to write this story and what makes it special. Greg, over to you. I decided early on Continue reading

The Dark Brethren’s Tracey O’Hara

Welcome to Tracey O’Hara. She writes Dark Urban Fantasy with fast paced plots.  Her debut novel ‘NIGHT’S COLD KISS’ was released in 2009 to great reviews. DEATH’S SWEET EMBRACE is due for release January 25, 2011. They are part of her Dark Brethren series. Tracey and I met when we were finalists in both the Continue reading