Safe Harbour

Dux anchorage on the western side of South Stradbroke Island has proven to be a wonderful safe harbour for us for the last two nights. The storms that swept through last night, leaving us rocking at anchor instead of bobbing, cleared the air for a gorgeous morning. Zeus even woke up refreshed after his valium Continue reading


We had to wait for the tide this morning, but it was worth it. Despite the gods of wind messing with us we made it under sail over to Moreton Island. Along the way we hoisted the Gennaker, played with a Navy Patrol Boat, saw dolphins, turtles and dugongs and tried out the new kayak. Continue reading

Out and about at Book’d Out

Today I’m visiting one of my favourite book review sites – Book’d Out. Shelleyrae is prolific reader who enjoys a broad range of genres and I’ve discovered many new authors courtesy of her insightful reviews. With social media playing a bigger role in spreading the word amongst readers, on-line reviewers are increasingly in demand so Continue reading

A long time to heal

Long after a cyclone or a natural disaster the devastation still remains. Yasi’s destruction has been all but forgotten except by those who are still rebuilding their lives. The rest of us move on. I spoke to a woman recently who said she lived at Mission Beach. ‘How are you doing?’ I asked, thinking she’d Continue reading

Pan-pan, pan-pan, pan-pan

With the reliability of modern aircraft, advanced engineering systems, and components that are replaced long before they wear out most airline pilots will never experience an engine in-flight shut down in their careers. We spend a lot of time planning for that eventuality – completing emergency procedures training, and flying flight simulators where we deal Continue reading

First Wednesday Book Club

I laughed so much last night my stomach still aches this morning. Who knew a book club meeting could be so entertaining? What a wonderful way to discuss books and writing plus anything vaguely connected to that, which means everything was fair game 🙂 The catering was wonderful, the company entertaining and I’ve come away Continue reading