There she blows!

Last night’s sail was hard yakka and I was grateful that social media kept me awake to 6 am and the end of my watch. I don’t think my bed has ever looked soooo good… Capt G was most amused and even snuck down to snap a photo of Zeus keeping an eye on me. Continue reading

Farewells and new beginnings

It’s my last night in our house. It feels empty and a little sad without GW and Zeus. I knew I’d have mixed emotions when the time came to pack everything up, downsize and move onto a boat. Good to see I haven’t disappointed myself…. It’s not that I don’t want to turn into a Continue reading

Coming or going…

It’s been a strange old week, starting with some highs, working its way through some deep lows, and ending somewhere in between. On Monday I submitted the completed structural edit for Half Moon Bay after a frantic couple of weeks, including house-guests, solar eclipses, and a hectic flying schedule. I’m happy with the extra depth Continue reading

Sealed with a kiss

The first thing I noticed at the welcoming cocktail party for GenreCon was the bass note to the buzzing conversation. The second thing was how many familiar faces were there from fellow writers to readers to publishing industry professionals. I’m a regular attendee at RWA conference and those romance writers know how to party, but Continue reading

Fame at any cost? How far would you go?

Well roll me over and tickle my tummy! (It’s Zeus here, just in case you thought Helene was getting kinky in her middle age 😉 ) The things you find on the internet… I’ve always prided myself on staying aloof from the paparazzi and that whole celebrity media thing. (Who wants to be caught in Continue reading

Perfecting the pitch?

Sadly my singing voice is definitely in retirement and my flute is unlikely to ever be pitch perfect again so I’m not talking ‘perfecting the pitch’ in a musical sense… Today I’m over at the Romance Writers of Australia blog talking about my journey from pitch to publication. RWA is running a series of interviews Continue reading

Where do writers write?

At the Queensland Writers Centre in the Queensland State Library of course! After the shock of landing from Cairns to find the temperature was 17 degrees on Friday, with a wind chill factor taking it even lower, I have to give Brisbane credit for turning on a glorious spring day yesterday. As I walked over Continue reading

Featured in The Weekend Australian

Cold War thriller sparks novel approach BY:MY FAVOURITE NOVEL – HELENE YOUNG From:The Australian October 06, 2012 12:00AM John Le Carre’s classic novel The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. CHOOSE one favourite book? That’s too difficult. I’ve lost count of my favourites across the years.   I can however, share a book that changed Continue reading