Hotting up?

It’s warm in North Queensland today, although according to GW it was much hotter last week… I thought he may have been angling for some sympathy since I’m sat inside editing Half Moon Bay, with the fans whirling fast enough to take off, while he’s painting the outside of the house. Clearly I didn’t make Continue reading

I’m sorry, but I think we’ll have to break up…

Dear TransLink, you broke my heart tonight. You promised an evening of bright lights and city streets. You said you’d pick me up at 8.04 precisely. You said the trip would be seamless, economical, green even. You guaranteed I’d be home in my hotel room by 8.46. I trusted you… I believed you… Instead you Continue reading

Essential supplies!

Hi everyone, it’s me, Zeus. They’ve left me home alone so I thought I’d jump on the computer and take the opportunity to wish you all the very best for the coming year. It’s all a bit frantic in the house at the moment – visitors, cooking, cleaning, more visitors, going visiting, extra cooking, wrapping, Continue reading

What next?

How embarrassing… You’d think there’d be some respect shown to an old dog, but oh no, not in this family. It may be true that I’m a little anxious at the moment and I have been licking my leg a little obsessively (but they say cleanliness is next to godliness…) There may in fact be Continue reading

A rod by any other name?

I understand why editors cringe at some of the analogies writers use to describe intimate male body parts. The poor old penis finds itself being called a rod, a member, a dick, shaft, schlong, old fella, wedding tackle  – all in the pursuit of making it sound sexy and masterful and alluring or, at the Continue reading

Help! I’ve lost the pause button…

Help. I’m in desperate need of a pause button – or a rewind would be even better. Where has 2011 gone? Somewhere in the last twelve months I’ve been checked to line on a new aircraft, have published my second book, have written my third novel, completed countless simulator sessions, had family visitors all the Continue reading

A dog’s secret life

Ever wondered what your dog does when you’re at work? For the last week I’ve been on holidays (read that as ‘not flying aircraft but chained to my computer to sort Burning Lies out’…) so I’ve been privy to my dog’s secret life. I thought this was how Zeus spent the vast majority of his Continue reading